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Firstly, Sarah is a mother, student, seeker, spiritual guide, adventurer, a midwife to your new life, passionately ready to guide and support you on your path of Self Discovery.

She is a Breathwork Facilitator, Crystal Singing Bowl Educator, Reiki Master, Level 2 Yoga Teacher, specialising in Trauma Informed Embodiment practices, Meditation and Mindfulness.

She is also a Mind Performance coach practicing NLP, Hypnotherapy, Time-line Therapy and Journal Therapy.

She holds a Nia White Belt, teaching dance and movement medicine.

Sarah has successfully run a Yoga and Healing Studio in the Lockyer Valley for the last five years holding classes, retreats, sister circles and many events and workshop for her community to embrace the path of Self Discover and Self Exploration.

Her teaching style reflects her desire to inner-stand, unravel and explore the power of Self-healing, by connecting to the innate wisdom within.

What is Breathwork?

Your breath is your Super Power. The only system of the body that works involuntary AND voluntary. You can control your breath at any time and by doing so you can bring balance to your mind and body.

It’s our natural system to ‘escape’ reality. If we look around us, most humans look for a way to escape the overwhelm of our modern day lives. Some people find this in substances, shopping, gambling, sex, work and many more. But what we’re not taught is that we have a natural, much healthier way to do this. And that is with your breath, to drop into your internal universe where peace resides.

Consciously breathing and taking deep circular breaths in a safe monitored environment you can alter your state of consciousness to access the sub-conscious mind and energetic bodies. In this space you have an opportunity for your innate intelligence, your bodies natural instinct to release stored trauma and emotions from the past, that hold you back from living a life you truly desire.


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